Re-purposed Pallet Wood



In 2016 I was a featured artist for the Healdsburg Center for the Arts. The theme for the gallery was Augmented. The curators were inspired by my Drawing with Wood installation from Sonoma State University. The installation took 12 continuous hours of the site specific assembly and many more hours of smashing the decrepit wooden pallets with a sledge hammer. The installation was up for one month and served as the entrance centerpiece to the exhibit. I’m grateful to HCA and The Namaste Foundation for making this exhibition a possibility.

Ho’olilo is a Hawaiian term for To Change, To Transform.

For me as an artist, the wooden pieces represent the disassembling of one thing and transforming it into something entirely different. Speaking to my partnership that I had while living in Hawaii, the smashing of the pallets were a release of feelings of anger and sadness associated with that relationship. Then, by taking the splintered remnants and creating something new with them, I was able to move beyond the toxicity and into a new place of establishing myself as a whole and complete person. Changed. Transformed.