Briona Hendren

Expressions of the human endeavor

Briona Hendren is an interdisciplinary artist, based in the San Francisco Bay Area working in sculpture, installation, and performance art.

She began seriously creating works of art after a chaotic change of events during her 4th year of college when she was pursuing a degree in psychology at University of Hawaii at Manoa. In May 2016, Briona  graduated with her degree in  Bachelors of Fine Arts Sculpture, and minor in Museum and Gallery Methods (with distinction and honors).

Through various mediums, Briona’s art analyzes paths of the human endeavor, concepts of the human condition, and the psychological processing that is intertwined in both every step of the way.

Presently, she is an artist in residence at Art Letters & Numbers in upstate New York, and preparing a large-scale public art commission that will be installed in Rohnert Park, CA, Winter 2017.